Friday, May 04 2007

Right now, we're working hard on putting the final parts of Episode Two together. Early on during development we spent a lot of time working on concept art of key areas of the game, so that everyone on the team could share a vision of what the final game would look like. The three pieces below are some examples of that work. Once the game is released you'll be able to see how these concept pieces were eventually turned into the final product.

We released some more games and new packages from 2K today, and to celebrate its growing catalog, 2K is having a 10% off sale across their entire catalog for one week starting today. For the train fanatics out there, we released Sid Meier's Railroads along with Railroad Tycoon II Platinum and Railroad Tycoon III as well. Plus, we released an oldie but goodie X-Com: Terror from the Deep, which for the next week is only $2.45--see what games were like back in the day. Last, we bundled up four 2K strategy titles into the Build & Destroy Pack: CivIV, CivIV: Warlords, CivCity: Rome, and Shattered Union all for only $79.95.

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