Friday, February 20, 2009

The Team Fortress 2 team is gearing up for next week's Scout Update. The update's official web site has so far revealed some new community maps, a whole slew of new achievements, and unlockable items. Stay tuned to the site next week to see what else is going to be released on Tuesday!

As most Steam users know, the Steam Hardware Survey automatically collects information about the community's computer hardware configurations and presents an aggregate picture of the stats on our web site. The survey helps us make better engineering and gameplay decisions, because it makes sure we're targeting machines our customers actually use, rather than measuring only against the hardware we've got in the office. We often get asked about the configuration of the machines we build around the office to do both game and Steam development. We also tend to turn over machines in the office pretty rapidly, at roughly every 18 months.

Our current base configuration looks about like this: We're currently transitioning to this setup: