Friday, November 17 2006

If you haven't checked out Medieval II: Total War, you can still get in on the just-released frenzy. Nothing like a bloody quest to become the master of Europe to spice up your weekend.

The Steam Hardware Survey was updated this week, which means we've begun collecting new data from Steam users about their computers. You can check out the survey results & compare your own rig to the community at large.

New Valve Anti-Cheat technology caught a few people cheating in Counter-Strike: Source and other games this week -- over 10,000. VAC detects anyone using cheat software and permanently bans their Steam account. We expect to see a surge of forum posts laying blame squarely at the feet of "my little brother."

Coming to Steam next week: RACE The WTCC Game (which you can pre-purchase now for 10% off). Also, a new single-player version of The Ship will be available on November 20th.

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