Friday, December 1 2006

If you're looking for a real sandbox game (and who isn't?) look no further than the recently released Garry's MOD 10. The eponymous Garry Newman has been building this modification and releasing updates since Half-Life 2 was originally released. As with the early days of Counter-Strike, a pretty large community has begun following it. Check out some movies of Garry's MOD on YouTube -- they tend to generate a lot of interest.

Prey is now available for purchase through Steam. If you have a copy of the game already, you're also welcome to register your product key with Steam so you can do things like play the game at your friend's house or LAN parties.

We've added some new merchandise to the Valve Store in time for the holidays. Your loved ones will appreciate your thoughtfulness when you present them with a headcrab hat, the re-released stuffed mini-headcrab, or the adorable stuffed Vortigaunt.