Friday, December 8 2006

It's been six weeks now since the community's purchase habits began driving the pricing of weapons in Counter-Strike: Source. As many of you have probably noticed, the price of the Desert Eagle has been increasing steadily and is now somewhat out of control. This is happening because the Desert Eagle is considerably more useful than the rest of the pistols -- purchasing one of the others is not a smart buy. We'll address this by making the Five Seven, P228, and Dual Elites more effective. The prices of all pistols have been reset to their previous defaults in preparation for this change.

Garry's Mod 10 continues to be a runaway hit, and we hope everyone is having fun building stuff with it. Garry has been releasing updates at a blistering pace, something that long-time fans of the game have gotten used to over the previous nine versions.

We're also running a few new promotions and have some new packages available on Steam this week. First, you can play Red Orchestra for free over the weekend and, during WII week, purchase it at a 10% discount off its new price. Second, all of the Call of Duty games have been rolled into a single War Chest package, which also carries a 10% discount during this promotion. Finally, you may purchase Day of Defeat: Source for a 20% discount through December 14th.

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